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Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Max Heller Service Scholarship The Max Heller Scholarship is for 1 student from each Greenville County High School to Furman University. It is an $80,000 scholarship($20k per year) that one student can be submitted for. If you are applying for admission to Furman, you must have a submitted application no later than December 5th so we can start the nomination process to a select number of students. Max Heller requirements: Students must be highly committed to attending Furman University in the fall. Applicants must demonstrate leadership qualities, be active in their community, and on campus at Greenville High. By completing this application, a student may still apply to individual scholarships offered by Furman University and receive state funds on top of the Max Heller Scholarship. To be eligible for the Greenville High nomination process: 1. Completed application to Furman no later than December 5th, 2016* 2. Notification of interest to Mrs. Butler no later than December 5th 2016* 3. Be eligible by the above requirements. *Deadline will not be extended. ** Each high school reserves the right to delegate their own nomination process. Nomination processes can vary from school to school.


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