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Monday, October 3, 2016


Developing Industry Professionalism The government will improve productivity of the tourism industry, through building professionalism in the travel and hotel industries. The private sector will be encouraged to set up world renowned human resource development centers to meet the emerging needs of the tourism industry locally and abroad. Hotel management and tourism promotion subjects will be provided in the curriculum of university academic programmers. Simultaneously, the government will extend maximum support to the private sector training institutions with a view to maintaining the standards of services. Licensing of tour guides in order to standardize their service (through a competency test) and accreditation of travel agents will be undertaken. Improving Service Standards Safety standards and security aspects of tourism will be given a high priority. Regulatory bodies will be strengthened to ensure the quality standards of products and security aspects of tourists. Rules, regulations and institutional mechanisms relating to the protection of tourists and the environment will be strengthened. Strict policy vigilance and monitoring will be conducted to minimize tourism related crimes and abuses.  


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