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Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Restaurant & Bar 7.1 Dining facilities for residents and their guests must be available. Food and Beverage services provided should be of the highest standards with highly personalized service and with the variety meeting the guests' individual needs. 7.2 Very high quality Cutlery, crockery, glassware, other tableware and table linen in adequate quantities 7.3 Where a bar is in operation, suitable glass washing facilities with running hot and cold water with a mixer tap should be available. The bar should have all types of glassware necessary for serving wines, spirits and all other beverages. 7.4 An ice cube-making machine connected to a sterilized potable water supply should be available in the bar 8.Kitchen 8.1 Provision of a dish washing machine is recommended and where not available, three sinks with hot & cold water with mixer taps must be available exclusively to be used for dish washing purposes. 8.2 Kitchen Staff must be well trained and knowledgeable to provide excellent and personalized service. 8.3 A well planned and equipped Kitchen must be available. Segregation of different activities within the kitchen is recommended as far as practically possible. 8.4 There should be adequate provisions for ventilation and removal of hot air and odours from the kitchen. There should be a separate dedicated area, located away from the cooking area, preferably with a stainless steel sink, with running hot and cold water 


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